WSCR: The perfect advertising opportunity

South Campus Radio services 2,000 students daily on campus and has an online listener base of over 1,000. If you’re target demographic involves the Pittsburgh’s South Hills communities, WSCR should be your first choice.

Whether your a CCAC Student Organization or a business in the West Mifflin area, contact us today so that we can come up with the perfect message to get the results you deserve.

Contact Aaron Kendeall at or 412-469-6352 for more information.

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New “Forum” hits newsstands

Did you know the CCAC South Campus “Forum” is the only stduent newspaper of all of the CCAC campuses to publish bi-weekly? South Campus also offers video news broadcasts and internet radio to students who want to study mass communications and journalism in a working envoronment.

For more information on South Campus Media, please contact Aaron J. Kendeall, Media Advisor, at Please visit the CCAC Website >for more details.

Check out the newest edition of the “Forum” (December 9, 2011 web).

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Professor Don “Tex” Taylor retires after 44 years of service

By Gigi Hammond-Schrock
Forum Managing Editor

The end of the Fall 2011 semester marks the end of an era.

Professor Donald Taylor, 80, has been teaching at the Community College of Allegheny County since its beginning. He was the first faculty hired at South Campus, in May, 1967. He is also the last founding member to leave the Community College family.

Many students find his courses difficult, but most will admit that they really enjoy learning in his classes. Taylor certainly loves teaching, and his enthusiasm and interesting perspectives keep students intrigued. His “Taylor made” classes are certainly one of a kind. While Taylor is primarily a lecturer, he uses a variety of methods to teach.

Professor Taylor is fond of saying, “I am like an actor and the classroom is my stage.” He proves this quite literally sometimes, as he is known to occasionally dress up and act out a character to make his classes more entertaining and to keep students interested. Whether he is ‘Tex’ Taylor in U.S. 2 or ‘Cool Cat’ Taylor in Modern Political Thought, he has no problems making history come alive for his students (I hope I didn’t ruin the fun for anyone who may have really believed that these characters were guest speakers).

In Professor Taylor’s classroom, we watch movies, but not the ones that most of the ‘people in the hallway’ can see.


We use our imaginations to envision anything from a battle to a cartoon. He calls it “theatre of the mind.” This is just one of the methods not only used to make classes more enjoyable, but to engage students and provide a deeper understanding of the material. (His personal motto is: “Thou Shalt Not Bore.”)

He is probably such a good professor because he has always been such a good student. He attended prestigious colleges such as Carnegie Mellon University and Vanderbilt (on full scholarship!) with a 4.0 Q.P.A., and then went on to study at West Virginia Wesleyan. It is obvious that he is very passionate about learning and that he hopes that he can help his students to feel the same way. He wants his students to enjoy knowledge as much as he does.

Other than teaching classes relating to political sciences and history, Taylor has served on many committees, founded and coached women’s softball and he once founded and sponsored a discussion group called “Dr. Taylor’s Coffee Circle,” amongst a myriad of other activities.

Before teaching at CCAC, Taylor Lectured at Penn State University and was a history instructor at Clairton High School. However, many people may be surprised to learn that he was also a special agent for counter-intelligence in Washington D.C. for a period of time.

Professor Taylor has many awards and achievements to show for his years of hard work, including, but not limited to: Outstanding Educators of America, Who’s Who Among American Teachers and South Campus Outstanding Educator, 1972. He is an honorary member of Phi Theta Kappa and has also been actively participating in community service.

Professor Taylor has done so many things over the years. For many, it will be hard to imagine South Campus without him. He has taught so many people so many things over so many decades (including some very well-known people, who I’m sure he is at least partially responsible for influencing). Speaking as one of those students, I can honestly say that though Professor Taylor may be succeeded, he can never be replaced.

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Melanie Porach wins service award

By Aaron Kendeall

Last month, long time CCAC South Campus Career Services Director Melanie Porach was named to the 2011 Mon River Fleet Women of Achievement. This year, the local non-profit organization gave honors to 11 women in the categories of health care, society, safety, education, spirituality, reflection, volunteerism, lifetime achievement and special projects. Melanie Porach was the winner of the education award.

“It was a complete surprise, I didn’t even know I was nominated,” Parach said.
The honorees were treated to a special dinner aboard the Gateway Clipper Express, which picked them up on McKeesport’s Tenth Ward dock. The event was for the honored women and their family and friends. Porach said that she was able to bring her husband and a CCAC colleague, Jennifer Holbart, as guests.

The President of UPMC read a speech thanking those in attendance for their efforts to better their communities. Porach added that there were lots of “tears and hugging” as the attendants were acknowledged for their service.

In addition to her role at CCAC, Porach is also the chair of McKeesport Collaborative Organization that provides services to women who have been impacted by drugs and alcohol. She was nominated by Dave Caplan and Ruth Smith, with whom she has been working with at the collaborative since 1990. Through both organizations she has been doing local outreach to underprivileged students, helping at-risk youths gain access to higher education.

“I felt really excited to be honored,” Porach said. “I had received other external awards from the community. But this was special because I got it from people I have worked with for a long time. The whole community is very gracious. To receive this award, with the glass etched in my name, was very cool.”

For more information on the Mon Valley Fleet’s Women of Achievement, check out for more information.

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Piscataway Nation comes to South Campus

On November 29, 2011, the Piscataway Singers and Dancers gave a special performance for students, staff and facutly of South Campus and members of the community in the South Hills Area.

By Gigi-Hammond-Schrock
Forum Managing Editor

On November 29, 2011, the South Campus Department of Student Life hosted the Piscataway Dancers and Singers in honor of Native American Heritage Month. The free show in the Theatre was open to the public and featured traditional and contemporary American Indian dancers from the Piscataway Nation, along with native singing.

Students from CCAC South were joined by local high school students, who were bused in for this special presentation.
For Naiche Tayac, Piscataway performer, doing shows like the one held here helps reinforce his nation’s place in the society of the United States as a whole.

“We’re just like everybody else,” Tayac said. “We’re no different… We go to public schools. We all like to go out to eat. We get Domino’s pizza and go to McDonald’s. We like sports.

“We’re just like everybody else, there’s nothing different except for the color of our skin and that some of the stuff that we had happen to us never happened to other people. We had our homelands taken away from us, other people didn’t. Other people just came here and took our land,” Tayac said.

The performance, which lasted over an hour and a half, was a stunning display of American Indian heritage. For students and staff members who might not always get an opportunity to explore the traditions of America’s foremost fathers, it was a valuable learning experience. For others whom may have Native American ancestry, it was a chance to celebrate the shared experience of heritage.

“It’s nice to be able to honor Native American Heritage month,” said Director of Student Life Tara Zirkel. “It’s very hard to find relevant programming to fit in with the holidays and everything. The Piscataway Dancers’ presentation is a great event for the culture of South Campus. As a department, we’re very proud to say that we could offer this to students.”

For Naiche Tayac, performing in front of America’s youth helps emphasize that there is a place for today’s Native Americans in contemporary society while respecting the culture their ancestors left them.

“We come to community colleges, or government agencies, schools to teach; to teach that we’re just like everybody else. We’re no different than anybody. And we come to share our traditions and our songs to show that we still have our culture. It was never taken away from us,” Tayac said.

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Happy Birthday, Ginny Fallon!

The Community College of Allegheny County honored Virginia “Ginny” Fallon of Ross, on November 15, 2011. Fallon has served as receptionist at the college’s Office of College Services since 1975. She celebrates her 90th birthday this week.
“To our guests, Ginny has been the face of CCAC for decades,” said CCAC President Alex Johnson. “Her dedication, professionalism and commitment to the CCAC family are commendable.”
Ms. Fallon remains a full-time CCAC employee, daily greeting visitors to the college’s central administrative offices on the North Shore. She said she has no plans to retire.
“I’ve known Ginny Fallon for about 25 years now,” said Aaron Kendeall, South Campus Media Advisor. “My father has worked at College Office for years, and she would always greet me with a hug and some candy when I’m was a child.”
That type of warm welcome still meets people of all ages who happen upon the front desk at the Office of College Services.
Ms. Fallon was named Outstanding Staff Member at the college’s 2001 Legends in Leadership awards. A resolution from Dr. Johnson and CCAC Board of Trustees Chair William R. Robinson proclaims today Virginia “Ginny” Fallon Day at CCAC.

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Student Government gets new greeting over walkway

CCAC South Campus Student Government Association worked very hard in order to pave the way for a new greeting to brighten the campus. On Tuesday, November 22, workers braved chill and rain to install the sign.

“It’s a really positive message to students,” said Ben Williams, SGA Advisor. “Coming back from break, these student leaders will be able to see the difference they’ve made on campus. It’s a real sign of the positive change they’ve made here at South.”

CCAC South Campus SGA meets once a week. For a schedule and more information on how SGA can help prepare you for the workplace, contact Ben Williams at or 412.469.6246.

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South Campus’ rising golf star

By Megan Snyder
Forum Reporter

The Fall Golf Season of the Western Pennsylvania Collegiate Conference (WPCC), a confederation of junior colleges, ended with the season finale at Penn National Golf Club near Chambersburg, Pa., on Oct. 9 through 11.

The 36-hole event that was played on the Founders Course and Iron Forge links pitted the Eastern Pennsylvania Collegiate Conference, made up of five junior colleges, against five schools from Western Pennsylvania. CCAC South, CCAC North, Potomac State College (W. Va.) Butler County Community College and Westmoreland County sent 21 golfers to test the skills of 28 golfers from the east.

Lehigh-Carbon swept to a stunning victory over favored Potomac State. The South team, consisting of Shane Bocchi (a graduate of Central Catholic), Jeff Creighton (Baldwin), Terry Lesko (West Mifflin) and Jeff Notaro (Reynoldsville) played well but finished in 10th place with an aggregate two-day total of 500 — an average score of 83.

Terry Lesko, a first-term freshman, was designated All-State for his fifth place finish at 77, 73, 150.

“You know, Terry is capable of even better. Like most of all of our non-scholarship student athletes, Terry juggles school studies and work while still competing at such a high level,” said Bob Kaufmann, South Golf Coach. “If he could really focus on practice and had the advantage afforded scholarship players at an NCAA school, no telling what he might accomplish. His improvement and commitment to his sport could land him in a better situation down the road.”

Lesko, for his part, has said that the golf at the junior college level was what he expected.

“[P]laying golf at the junior college level has been everything I expected and more,” Lesko said. “I never thought I would have so many opportunities to play with such skilled golfers on the amazing courses that we played.

“Additionally, we traveled a lot! The team has been really supportive along with my wonderful coach, Bob Kaufman. They all have motivated me to play at my full potential. Golf at the junior college level has been terrific,” Lesko said.

It’s been a pretty successful year for the young golfer.

“My season as a golfer has been fun,” Lesko said. “I was also able to come away with a few accomplishments, like all-conference (honors), placing fifth in state and for the WPCC, which got all-state honors as well. I enjoyed the fall season with a great team. I can’t wait for the spring because of such high expectations we have as a team and my personal goal to become a national champion.”

South’s season record was 13 wins and 15 losses. The spring campaign starts in late March and could find someone at the Region XX Championships and the NJCAA National Championship in Chautauqua, N.Y. in June.

“Since we lose Bocchi and several others are not expected to return, I hope to recruit two or three others to play and compete at a higher level in the spring,” Kaufmann said. “I can’t understand why former high school golfers don’t take advantage of the opportunity that awaits them here at South. And it’s really a good time.”

For more information on joining the golf team, contact Athletic Secretary Lesya Burner at 412.469.6245 or

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Student leaders speak at County Council meeting

 It was announced in mid-October 2011 that the County Executive is proposing a $7 million reduction in the college’s 2012 allocation to offset a nearly $40 million shortfall predicted for the county next year.

If passed by the Allegheny County Council, this budget could have very serious repercussions far beyond the cost containment measures currently in place at the institution. CCAC has recently consolidated some administrative functions, deferred hiring in all full-time positions, eliminated administrative salary increases, postponed deferred maintenance and several capital projects and used funds from our limited reserves to meet this year’s budget projections.

The college has also created a temporary Budget Review Committee to identify actions over the next 24 months to contain costs or enhance revenue. These measures, however, will not offset the proposed reduction, which was announced after the recommendations by the Budget Review Committee.

On November 10, 2011 the college made its budget presentation to the Allegheny County Council Finance Committee and asked the county to restore funding.

Several distinguished CCAC alumni, employees and students spoke on the college’s behalf. Members of student government spoke at the hearing, including president Max Langlois, vice president Genesis Hammond-Schrock and senator Marylu Smith.

The presentation highlighted the key benefits CCAC offers the students of our region — for example, 43 percent of CCAC students could not have pursued postsecondary education without CCAC and one in three Allegheny County residents has taken a course from CCAC since 2000. The college holds multiple regional and national distinctions, as one of only seven Pennsylvania and 52 national community colleges named as Achieving the Dream Leader Colleges, one of only 15 Veterans’ Centers of Excellence in the country and is ranked first among two-year institutions awarding associate’s degrees in Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing as well as second in the nation in the number of degrees awarded in the health professions and related programs.

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Child Development Center Holds Parade

The students in the Child Development Center held their annual parade. Children from the Child Development Center pose with teachers after a sugar-filled romp through South Campus. Their costume parade fills the halls with crime fighters, princess and dinosaurs, bringing a smile to the faces of staff, students and faculty alike.


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